Police Checks


An option to consider is whether a National Police Certificate is suitable for your purposes, rather than obtaining a screening clearance from the DCSI Screening Unit.  Also known as a Police Check, a National Police Certificate provides a summary of a person's offender history in Australia.  It is a record of that individual's relevant criminal history relating to convictions, findings of guilt or pending court proceedings. 

Why obtain a Police Certificate?  With a Police Certificate an organisation can undertake its own criminal history assessments of its employees and volunteers, such as a child-related or aged care sector screening assessment. 

How do I obtain a Police Certificate?  Police checks are available through an authorised service.


When is a Police Certificate not suitable?   In some circumstances, a particular type of screening is necessary in order to comply with legislation or regulation, for example, child-related employment screening is required if the person will be working with children (in which case, additional sources of information are considered in addition to the information contained in a Police Certificate).  In this circumstance, a Police Certificate will not sufficient.   

Questions-graphic   How is a Police Check different to screening by the DCSI Screening Unit?  



Free of charge screening for volunteers through SA Police

Police checks for volunteers who work with vulnerable groups such as children, the aged or people with a disability are provided free of charge by SA Police through its VOAN scheme.  To be eligible for these free checks, organisations must have a Volunteer Organisation Authorisation Number (VOAN).  Please refer to the SA Police website for further details.

Is the Screening Unit part of the VOAN scheme?  No.  The DCSI Screening Unit is not part of the VOAN Scheme and therefore a fee is charged for all screening services it provides.