General employment probity screening


General employment probity screening by the DCSI Screening Unit is a point-in-time assessment of a person's criminal conviction history, which has regard to the inherent requirements of a specific job role or volunteer position to which the person is, or will be, engaged by an organisation.

This assessment assists the employer to determine the person's suitability for employment by the organisation.

When it is required?  

There is no formal legislative or regulatory requirement for a  person to undergo an employment probity check.

However, an organisation may determine that general employment probity screening is required as part of its organisational policies or as a condition of employment; i.e. it may establish a policy requiring this screening before a person is employed and at regular intervals, as part of an employment contract.

If there is a current clearance for any of the other types of screening, eg vulnerable person or aged care screening, there is no need to have  a general employment probity clearance as well.

What is considered in this type of screening?

General employment probity screening involves a risk assessment (analysis) of the applicant's relevant criminal history only.   If there is a relevant criminal history for the applicant, the Screening Unit will contact the requesting organisation directly to inform them about any identified risk.  The decision in relation to whether to employ or engage the applicant rests with the requesting organisation.

Notification of outcome

On completion of the general employment probity assessment, the employer organisation is advised by email.

Please note:  The applicant is not issued with a clearance letter, Police Certificate or details relating to their National Criminal History Record Check.  If documentation of the applicant's criminal history is required, it is recommended that a National Police Certificate be obtained from a police service, such as South Australia Police.


This type of screening check is not generally portable between employer organisations.  If the employee or volunteer moves to a new role — even within the same organisation/agency — it may be necessary to have the person rescreened.

Employment agencies: Because general employment probity screening is specific to the role, this type of employment clearance is not suitable for agency staff who undertake a variety of roles.  It is therefore recommended that employment agencies not direct these staff to obtain this type of screening, but instead direct them to apply for a National Police Check.

For more information

Please refer to our Fact Sheet: General Employment Probity Screening (PDF 140.5 KB)