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Screening is a key element of a strategy for creating and maintaining child-safe organisations and safe environments for other vulnerable people.

ORGANISATIONS:  The DCSI Screening Unit provides background screening services to a variety of organisations: large and small, government and non-government, employers and volunteer coordinators.  Screening helps to inform decisions about their workforce and any risk to their clients as part of duty of care obligations.

INDIVIDUALS: Individuals who may require screening include employees, job seekers/applicants, students, people working in caring professions (aged care, disability services sector, child-care, carers) as well as public transport drivers, sole traders, self-employed people, and contractors.

What kind of screening is needed?

To find out what kind of screening is needed, please go to our page with information about the different types of screening and when they are required.   More specific information, based on your particular circumstances, can be found by selecting the appropriate link/s below.

Applying for Screening Online

Screening applications are submitted online.  Organisations are required to register for online screening before they can commence a screening application online.  How to register.

Once registered, the organisation can initiate individual applications.  The applicant is notified and then logs in and completes and submits their application online.

How to apply online for screening.