Non-government organisations

Non-government organisations (NGOs) may require screening services from the DCSI Screening Unit for their employees and volunteers in relation to conducting their important work which makes a valuable contribution to the community.

It is important that organisations are aware of their legislative regulatory and/or contractual obligations in relation to the screening of their employees and volunteers.  It is the non-government service provider's responsibility to obtain a person's consent for criminal history screening for each engaged person, in cases where screening is required.

The Screening Unit seeks to engage with non-government organisations through regular customer liaison, including site visits (particularly for larger NGOs) to discuss any issues and concerns and to assist in relation to compliance with:

  • the Australian Privacy Principles;
  • the provisions of DCSI Screening Unit's contracts and confidentiality of data, including disposal protocols, for organisations bound by a Deed of Confidentiality.

NGO customers are welcome to contact the DCSI Screening Unit at any time with any issues, questions or concerns by emailing or telephoning 1300 321 592.

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