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For more information about SA Health's requirements in relation to screening, it is recommended that you go to our web page on the Health Sector and/or contact SA Health direct:

DCSI screening for the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD)

The DCSI Screening Unit conducts child-related employment screening assessments of non-teaching staff and volunteers on behalf of the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD).  The DECD workforce is one of the biggest in South Australia, and includes teachers, school support staff, early childhood educators, and Families SA staff across the metropolitan area and regions.

Teachers are screened through the Teachers Registration Board of SA as part of the teacher registration process - no further screening is required.

All other employees of DECD are required to have a child-related employment screening clearance from the DCSI Screening Unit, whether employed on a part-time, full-time or casual basis.  


DECD policy requires relevant history screening of its:

  • employees;
  • volunteers (including Governing Council representatives);
  • home based care providers (Homestay, Family Day Care, Foster and Kinship care, prospective adoptive parents);
  • identified third party providers (working with children, in unsupervised proximity to children or with children's records);
  • identified site users.

'Identified site users':  This term includes student teachers on practicum, adults living in the homes of family based carers, community groups captured by the Child Protection Act who hire DECD facilities, adults enrolling as students, researchers and tertiary supervisors.

DECD policy does not require relevant history screening of:

  • supervised guests and visitors involved in single events;
  • parents attending with their children for playgroup activities or parenting programs;
  • parents attending school events and celebrations such as sports days, religious celebrations, awards nights, interview nights, concerts etc.;
  • students who turn 18 during the course of their studies.

The above is a summary, however, reference to the full policy is recommended with regard to any specific application or if further definition is required.  Contact details for DECD are provided below.

Contacting DECD

Website: For more information, go to the DECD website:  About relevant history screening in DECD

A handy online screening guide  can help you quickly determine the type of screening required, specific to your circumstances.

DECD general screening:

Email:  Contact DECD by email to if you need to clarify whether child-related employment screening is required in your particular circumstances. 

Payment process for government schools and preschools

Screening fees for employees and volunteers who work within government schools, preschools, child centres and other non-corporate entities under the auspices of the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) are invoiced to DECD Corporate.  DECD Corporate receives monthly invoices for payment on behalf of all DECD sites that have submitted a DCSI screening application.

When initiating screening applications using the online screening system, the Requesting Officer at the individual DECD site should select the relevant payment option where prompted (ie payment via invoicing to DECD).

For more information about school and preschool payment process queries, contact the Department for Education and Child Development: