Disability services

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Organisations providing disability services should be aware that some people who are working or volunteering with people with disability in South Australia may be required to undergo disability services employment screening. 

Specific features of this type of screening:

  • A crime against a person with a disability is deemed to signify an unacceptable risk for engagement within disability services.
  • Information considered during this type of screening includes human resources records from within the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion and from non-government disability service providers.

When is it required?

Only people who are working or volunteering in a 'prescribed position' within a 'prescribed disability service provider' as defined by the Disability Services Act 1993 are required to undergo disability services employment screening.

For more information about Disability Services Sector Screening by the DCSI Screening Unit, please refer to our web page:  Disability Services Sector Screening.