Aged care sector


Screening for people working or volunteering in the aged care sector in South Australia is essential for many organisations which receive Commonwealth funding.

Commonwealth-subsidised aged care provides support for a range of services for older people; both those receiving home care and those unable to live independently in their own homes.  This support promotes the provision of high quality care and accommodation and the protection of the health and well-being of care recipients.

Aged care services that are funded by the Australian Federal Government are subject to Commonwealth, State/Territory and local government regulations, including the Aged Care Act 1997 ('the Act'). The legislation is supported by legislative instruments, including the  Aged Care Accountability Principles (2014) which provide specific details about what is required or permitted under the Act.

A number of responsibilities and obligations arise from being an 'approved provider' under the Act.

This legislation allows the Commonwealth Government to give financial support to aged care providers through the payment of subsidies and grants for the provision of aged care.  It also stipulates the approvals and decisions that must be made before the Commonwealth can pay subsidies to providers, regulates the fees and payments Commonwealth subsidised providers of aged care can charge, and specifies the responsibilities providers of Commonwealth subsidised aged care have to care recipients. Approved providers are required to remain accountable for the care they provide and have a responsibility under the Act to familiarise themselves with its provisions. The Principles require that organisations funded by the Commonwealth to provide aged care services should be satisfied that a person providing those services has not committed a precluding offence.

Aged Care Sector Employment Screening by the DCSI Screening Unit specifically checks the relevant criminal history of an employee or volunteer for precluding offences, such as a conviction for murder or sexual assault and a conviction of, and sentence to imprisonment for, any other form of assault. Any person with a conviction for a precluding offence must not be employed, contracted, hired, retained, or accepted as an unsupervised volunteer in an aged care service subsidised by the Commonwealth.

More information

For more information please refer to our webpage on Aged Care Sector employment screening.