Monitoring of screening clearances

From 1 July 2017 the DCSI Screening Unit will monitor new information that may change the clearance status of individuals.

Why the change?

The new screening system will help to reduce the risk of harm to children and vulnerable people.

Previously, screening reviewed and assessed an individual’s relevant history only once every three years. The new system will monitor relevant information from a variety of sources to help better protect children and vulnerable people. The new information will be used by the DCSI Screening Unit to reassess screening clearances and ensure they are current.

Registered organisations can now check the status of a clearance online

What type of new information will the Screening Unit receive?

The Screening Unit will receive new information on criminal charges and court outcomes from SA Police (SAPOL), child protection notifications from the Department for Child Protection (DCP) and information on care concerns and incidents from DCP and the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.  Only relevant information will be used to reassess clearances.

Whose information is monitored?

Only people who have a current, valid child-related, disability, aged or vulnerable persons clearance issued by the DCSI Screening Unit will have their clearance status monitored. Monitoring applies to all persons with these types of clearances, both employees and volunteers.

DCSI general probity clearances are not included in monitoring, as these clearances are role-specific, once-off and non-transferable between roles and organisations.

What happens if the individual's clearance status changes?

If a reassessment changes the clearance status of an individual:

  • The individual and their employer (who requested the screening) will be notified;
  • The individual will be required to notify any other organisations that they work or volunteer with of their change of clearance status;
  • The individual will be required to return their clearance letter to the DCSI Screening Unit; and
  • The individual's screening status will be changed on the online portal that can be used to check the current clearance status of individuals.

Who does the Screening Unit notify if an individual's clearance status changes?  

The Screening Unit will send a notification about the change in screening status to the individual whose clearance status has changed, and to the organisation that requested the screening clearance (i.e. that organisation’s Authorised Officer).

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