Job seekers/applicants

Job applicants

If you are a job seeker or job applicant, you will need to apply for screening through your potential employer, recruitment company, or university.

Screening by the DCSI screening process is part of an organisation led process, where the suitability of people with regard to job or volunteer positions is considered on behalf of a 'requesting organisation'.  In most circumstances, an organisation applies for screening on behalf of the individual who is to be screened, therefore job applicants should wait until a specific employer or potential employer is in a position to apply for screening on their behalf.

If you are a job seeker or job applicant and are seeking a screening clearance, we recommend that you contact the organisation(s) concerned, and discuss your specific circumstances with that organisation.  You may be able to negotiate for the organisation(s) to initiate a screening application on your behalf, eg perhaps with the proviso that you pay for the screening.

Once an organisation has initiated a screening application on your behalf, you will receive an email from the DCSI Screening Unit with instructions about how to complete your screening application.

Note: If you are required to pay for the screening, you should be able to claim this expense via your income tax.

In the following circumstances, job applicants may be able to nominate a representative from a specific organisation to act as the requesting organisation, i.e. they will request the screening on your behalf:

  • University students: University students (with the agreement of the university concerned) may nominate a relevant contact from their university to complete the relevant section of the application form as your requesting organisation.
  • Recruitment agency staff: If you are applying for a position through a recruitment agency, the recruitment agency may be able to act as the requesting organisation (employer).
  • Education: If you are applying for work with the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) as a prospective employee or are an employable ancillary  register (EAR) applicant and have not been placed at a DECD site, you  must:
    • email the following information to to initiate your online screening request:
      • full name
      • date of birth
      • current email address
      • DECD employee ID number (if you have one)
      • details of the prospective role for which you are applying
    • select the link to the online application which will be emailed to you
    • follow the instructions outlined in the DCSI online application process factsheet to complete your online application.

Sole Traders:  If you are a sole trader and have an ABN (Australian Business Number), you can apply for your own screening.  As a sole trader you should provide your own details in the section of the application form where requesting officer details are required. For more information go to our Sole Traders page.