Public transport drivers

A child-related employment screening clearance is required before a public transport driver can receive or renew their driver accreditation.  

All public passenger transport drivers in South Australia are required to have a current child related employment screening clearance.  This is necessary as drivers working in the passenger transport industry may have contact with children, for example, their work role may involve them transporting children to school or on excursions.

Public transport drivers are drivers of any public passenger vehicle used for hire fare or reward, such as taxis, buses and chauffeured vehicles (and in the case of a company, each of the directors and other interested persons).


Screening of public transport drivers is coordinated by the Accreditation and Licensing Centre (ALC) of the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, which is co-located with the Taxi Council of SA.

one-stop-shop for taxis and passenger vehicles, located at 71 Richmond Road, Mile End, provides streamlined services  to the taxi, hire car and bus industries. The centre assesses driver accreditation applications and can assist applicants.

Driver accreditation and screening

For information about driver accreditation and screening for passenger transport drivers, please click on the following link:  Accreditation for passenger transport drivers.

Alternatively, telephone the ALC on Tel: (08) 7109 8117 for more information about requirements for the relevant background screening of public transport drivers.

How often is screening required?

A child-related employment screening clearance is generally valid for three years.  However, the length of time for which a driver's accreditation clearance is valid may depend on the period of the driver's licence issued.

Relevant legislation

Links to the relevant legislation are provided below:

More information

I am a driver.  What if I am changing employers but have a current clearance?

If you have a recent current child-related employment clearance, you may be able to transfer the clearance when you change employers. This means you may not need to be rescreened. Note: This option is only possible where less than 3 months have elapsed since the issuing of the clearance (after which the Screening Unit may no longer have a copy of your criminal history information).

To transfer a clearance, your new employer should contact the DCSI Screening Unit by email ( and request that the relevant criminal history information be forwarded by the Unit to the DPTI's Accreditation and Licensing Centre.  Where this is possible, the Screening Unit will then email the ALC with a copy of the applicant's criminal history information.  You, as the applicant, must first provide your consent for the transfer of this information.

Taxi driver accreditation

For information about becoming a taxi driver go to taxi-and-passenger-transport/driver-and-operator-accreditation.

Taxi/hire care review

For information about the taxi/hire care review go to:


Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Website: Telephone: 7109 8108

SA Government Information:   Screening for passenger transport drivers.

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