Interstate/overseas visitors

Overseas Visitors

If you are visiting Australia, and intend to work or volunteer during your stay, please check with your employer or volunteer coordinator/manager whether screening is required before you commence your role.

For some types of role or workplace, your employer/volunteer organisation will be required by legislation to ensure that you undergo screening before you commence working or volunteering.

Are visitors from overseas exempt from South Australian screening laws?

No. There is no exemption period for overseas visitors to South Australia.

SA Government Education sites: To work with children and young people in SA government educational sites and services you must have a current relevant history screening. Some volunteers also need a current relevant history screening.  More information is available from the Department for Education and Child Development website.

For more information about the circumstances in which different types of screening are required, go to:

Interstate visitors

Is a screening clearance from interstate recognised in South Australia?

No.  A screening clearance from interstate is not recognised in South Australia as being the same as, or equivalent to, a clearance by the DCSI Screening Unit.  This is because the various states and territories within Australia have different legislation that defines their systems and processes for screening people in relation to working or volunteering with vulnerable people/children.

For further information in relation to interstate screening, please refer to the relevant government authority.  For your convenience, relevant website links are provided below: