The DCSI Screening Unit offers a range of screening check services for organisations whose volunteers work with vulnerable groups, such as children, older people or people with disability.

Whether it is delivering meals, helping others in an emergency, patrolling our beaches, running our sporting clubs or supporting the needs of others, volunteers make a real difference to our lives and to the community in which we live.


I am a volunteer.  Do I need to be screened?

If you are a volunteer (who will be or who is currently) engaged in a role that has contact with vulnerable people, you may be required to undergo a screening assessment by the organisation for which you are volunteering.

You should check with your volunteer manager/coordinator in the organisation for which you are volunteering as to what type of screening, if any, is required, in your particular circumstances.

Screening may be needed before you will be permitted to participate in particular activities, in which you will have contact with children or young people, people with a disability, or other vulnerable people.

In some cases, a screening check is necessary in order for the organisation to comply with legislative or regulatory requirements.  Where this is not the case, some organisations may still ask volunteers for a police check (criminal history report) or require you to have a suitable DCSI screening check. Many organisations choose to ensure that screening of their volunteers is conducted as part of their risk management policy and recruitment processes.

More information is provided in a flowchart available from the Office for Volunteers website. This helps you ascertain whether it is necessary for volunteers to obtain a police report or DCSI screening in order to meet the volunteer organisation's legislative or regulatory requirements.

Reduced screening fees for volunteers

Volunteers provide a valuable contribution to the community in South Australia. In recognition of this, a reduced fee rate applies to the screening of volunteers.  Also, where more than one type of screening is required, only one screening fee is charged.

Note: If submitting hard copy application forms, please ensure that they are attached together and submitted to the DCSI Screening Unit at the same time, in order to be eligible for the 'one fee only' provision.

More information

Volunteers on Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) sites

If you are a volunteer on a DECD site or service you will need to obtain a screening clearance. The type of screening needed will depend on your role and whether interaction with children is part of that role.

For more information, go to the DECD website relevant criminal history screening and use the helpful screening tool to find out what kind of screening clearance is needed in your particular circumstances.

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