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When is screening required?

Sole traders, self-employed and contractors may be required to obtain an employment screening clearance related to their work in some roles or types of workplace, where they may be working with vulnerable people.

In some cases there is a legislative requirement. For example, a person working in a setting where children are present may be required to undergo screening in order to comply with the provisions of the Children's Protection Act 1993 (SA). In some circumstances, screening may be required for sub-contractors providing services under the auspices of a company directly to a government agency.

As evidence of clearance, self-employed, sole traders and contractors may be required, as part of their contractual arrangements, to produce a current screening clearance letter from the DCSI Screening Unit (which is valid for 3 years), or a Police Report from the South Australia Police or the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

Please refer to our page about the different types of screening for more information about the circumstances in which screening may be required.

School sites: For information about working on government school sites, specifically, please email your enquiry to the Department for Education and Child Development's ChildSafe:

Contractors:  Screening may be required for contractors visiting some types of work site, for example those going to school sites.  The type of screening required, if any, will depend on the work role and type of work site.  We recommend that you check with the relevant organisation or work site for more information.

How do I apply?

Sole traders, contractors and self-employed people can apply online for screening, once they have registered with the Screening Unit as an organisation.

To apply online for screening as a sole trader or self-employed person, the individual acts both as the registered organisation and applicant.

This is done in two steps by logging into the online form (using details provided by email following registration):

  1. As the registered organisation: Using the log-in details provided to you as the registered organisation, log into the form and start an application for yourself by clicking on the ‘New Application’ button and filling out the details;
  2. As the applicant:  Then, complete the application as the applicant (ie using the log in details provided to you as the applicant in emails from the Screening Unit).  Please ensure that you log in using the user name and password allocated to you as the applicant.

You should be able to pay for your application and complete your identity check, online.

Important note: If the organisation is paying for the screening (ie using a credit card online), rather than the applicant, your organisation will need to ensure that a Finance Officer for your organisation has been nominated in your organisation registration details. Then continue with the application, and select the appropriate option, when using the online form, to indicate that the organisation is to pay for the application.

Identity Check:  Your screening application also involves an identity check.  Sole traders and self-employed people cannot verify their own identity - verification must be conducted online or by an independent party, using the 'Print-and-Seek' option. More information.

Instructions for registering and applying online - Sole Traders

Organisation Registration

When initially registering for screening, you are required to provide your:

  • Name
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Business and email addresses

Instructions for registering and applying online - Sole Traders

When using a hard copy application form to apply

As paper application forms are being phased out, permission must be sought from the DCSI Screening Unit to submit a hard copy (paper) form where exceptional circumstances apply.