You may be required by your employer to undergo screening by the DCSI Screening Unit, in relation to your employment. 

The screening process is initiated by your employer/volunteer organisation.

As an employee or volunteer, in most cases, you will be unable to start applying for a DCSI screening on your own - the organisation must initiate an application on your behalf.  A 'Requesting Officer' within the employer organisation is responsible for initiating all online screening applications on behalf of the organisation. 

You may wish to discuss with them:

  • the type of screening required eg child related, disability services, aged care sector screening;
  • who will be paying for the screening ie whether the organisation or you will be responsible for paying the screening fee/s.

Applying for screening online

Once an employing organisation has commenced an online screening application on your behalf, you will receive two emails from the DCSI Screening Unit:

  1. Activation request:  The first will require you to activate your account by clicking on a link.  After receiving the first email from DCSI, click on "Activate my Account".
  2. Login details:  The second email will provide you with your login details so that you can log in online and fill in the required. This email will prompt you to change the automated password to something you are familiar with (write this down for future reference). 
  3. Logging on: You will be directed to a screen showing your application number.  Click on this number to open the application form.  Fill it in then hit "Complete Application".  

Verification of your identity can be completed online.  Applicants must have a current passport, travel document, birth certificate or Australian Citizenship papers and a current Australian Driver's licence to complete the verification process online.  More information about the online verification process is available from the online verification service is available on the Document Verification Service website.

If you are unable to complete the verification process online, please leave the 'Verification Method' field as 'Requesting Organisation'.  Then provide your 100 points of identification (ID), registration and payment slip to the employer as soon as possible – so that they can verify your ID and submit your application for processing. 


For more information

For more information refer to the following instructions and FAQs: