Nominated officer roles

Nominated Officer Roles 

When registering for online screening, organisations are required to provide contact details for several nominated officer roles. Additionally, a Verifying Officer must confirm the identity of the applicant, when applying for screening.  More information is provided below:


The Requesting Officer is the primary contact in the organisation in relation to the administrative aspects of screening applications submitted to the DCSI Screening Unit by the organisation.  More than one Requesting Officer can be nominated by an organisation.

The nominated Requesting Officer/s will receive notification emails from the DCSI Screening Unit about the progress of an application, including notification of a clearance outcome.  Requesting Officers do not receive any information about an assessment that is confidential in nature.

If a hard copy form is to be submitted, and the organisation has arrangements in place with DCSI allowing for invoicing of screening fees, a nominated Requesting Officer must sign the front page of the form (where indicated) to indicate that the organisation is responsible for paying for the screening.  More information  (insert link)


The Authorised Officer nominated by the organisation is required to have a working knowledge of the screening applicants' prospective role and duties.  

They must also have the relevant level of authority to be able to make recruitment and employment decisions in relation to the applicant, as the Authorised Officer is responsible for making final decisions as to the suitability of an applicant for employment or engagement within the organisation.

The DCSI Screening Unit may liaise with the Authorised Officer in cases where a potential risk posed by the applicant is identified during a screening assessment, and may therefore receive confidential information in relation to the assessment.

For this reason, the nominated Authorised Officer is required to complete and submit a Deed of Confidentiality (PDF).   It is strongly recommended that all authorised officers read the Confidentiality Guidelines for Authorised Officers.


The Site Administrator is the person responsible for managing the process of registering an organisation for online screening, which enables the organisation to submit its screening applications using DCSI's online system.

They are responsible for arranging the organisation's initial registration and managing the ongoing administrative aspects of maintenance of the registration.

The Site Administrator does not receive any information from the DCSI Screening Unit in relation to individual screening applications.


A Finance Officer is required if your organisation pays for screening through invoicing arrangements with the DCSI Screening Unit. 

The Finance Officer is responsible for payments invoiced to the organisation in relation to screening applications, and will be contacted as required.

A Finance Officer does not need to be nominated for screening purposes if your organisation intends to pay by credit card or if screening applications will be lodged and prepaid at an Australia Post outlet.


A Verifying Officer is responsible for confirming the screening applicant's identity, using a 100 point identity check system, during the application process for screening.

The Verifying Officer must sight original or certified true copies of the personal identity documents held by the screening applicant, each of which is allocated a specific number of points.  The total must be equal or more than 100 points.

To act as a Verifying Officer, a person must meet the necessary credentials (eg they may be a Justice of the Peace, public official, health professional or permanent Government employee).  The Verifying Officer must not be a close relative of the applicant. For further details on who can act as a Verifying Officer, please refer to the information sheet Permitted Verifiers (PDF 214.5 KB).

For more information about how to verify the identity of screening applicants, please refer to our information sheet about How to verify an applicant's identity (PDF).


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