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Screening applications are commenced by the organisation and completed by the individual applicant.

What if I am a sole trader/self-employed person?

Organisations must first register

Organisations must first be registered for online screening. More information about registering for online screening.

Once registered, nominated officers in the organisation can commence screening applications online.

Before starting an application

To start an application, you will need the organisation's log-in details provided by the DCSI Screening Unit when registering.

You will also need the applicant’s full name, date of birth and their email address and the following details:

  • the type of screening required;
  • the applicant type i.e. 'volunteer', 'contractor' or 'employee'
  • an indication of who will be paying for the screening i.e. the organisation or the applicant;
  • details of the role the applicant is to perform
  • the applicant will need to provide proof of identity information

Internet Browser: In order to complete the screening application online, you will need to ensure your internet browser is compatible with TLS 1.1 or higher.  For further information refer to Browser Compatibility (PDF 95.8 KB) and How to identify what internet browser version you are running. (PDF 207.2 KB)

Getting started

Step 1: The organisation starts an application online using the online portal.

More information (PDF 228.7 KB)

Step 2:  Once the employer organisation has finished the initial process of starting an application, the applicant will receive an email from the DCSI Screening Unit providing login and password details. The applicant can then log in to the portal and complete their application.

For more information for applicants about how to complete your application, see FAQs - Applying online for applicants (PDF 404.7 KB)

Hard copy formApplying using a hard-copy form

If you are unable to apply online because of exceptional circumstances you can still apply using a hard-copy form.

More information about applying online