How to apply

Apply online

The DCSI Screening Unit has introduced an online process for submitting screening applications, making it faster and easier to apply for employee and volunteer screening.

First, the organisation must register for online screening with the DCSI Screening Unit.  Once registered for online screening, an organisation can initiate individual screening applications.  The applicant is notified once this has been done; then the applicant logs in, completes and submits their individual application online.

Organisation registration

Organisation starts application

Once registered, the organisation initiates each screening application on behalf of the individual applicants.  More information

Applicant completes application

The  applicant logs on to the system and completes the application, which is then submitted online.

Please note:  You will need to wait until you have received an email with log-in details before you can complete and submit your application.

For more information go to:  FAQs - applying online - applicants

Hard copy formApply using a hard-copy form

If you are unable to apply online, in exceptional circumstances you can still apply using a hard-copy form.