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Criminal history screening supports education organisations to establish safe learning environments in which adults do not present a threat to the health and well being of children.

Screening is an assessment of an individual's criminal history and is part of the legislated risk management requirements of organisations where children or vulnerable adults may be present.  Relevant legislation.


To ensure the safety and welfare of students in schools, the three schooling sectors (DECS, Catholic Education and the Independent Schools Board) have advised that all University staff and students who undertake activities in the schools of those sectors must have cleared a criminal history check before they can undertake their planned activities/placements.

University students who are not yet eighteen are considered legal minors ('children').  Accordingly, some university staff may require child-related employment-related screening if they work with children in the course of performing their duties for a university.  Tertiary education staff with a current teacher registration do not need additional screening to work in a university.

Timelines:  If the Screening Unit does not identify any risk requiring assessment, the turnaround time for your clearance is approximately 30 business days, so please apply as early as possible so your placement is not delayed or cancelled.

Some introductory information about screening for people working or studying in the South Australian university sector is provided below for your convenience; however, for more information about the screening that is required in your particular circumstances, please contact the relevant institution directly, using the links provided.

Flinders University

Information about screening requirements for Flinders University (staff and students) can be found by going to the web page:  Criminal History Checks - staff and students.

Clinical Placements:  All students at Flinders University are required to undergo either a National Police Check, criminal history screening check and/or a child-related employment check prior to undertaking any clinical placement. This requirement is now compulsory in most states and territories in Australia and is managed at the state or territory level in accordance with their respective legislation. Details for both the South Australian and Northern Territory campus requirements are outlined in the Criminal History Screening Medical Course Fact Sheet.

Note: Students with 'relevant' criminal records may not be permitted to undertake their placements and may therefore not be able to complete their course requirements. If any student is concerned that their criminal record may preclude them from placement it is advisable they discuss their concerns with their Course Coordinator.

Pre-service teachers: All School of Education pre-service teachers with the Flinders University must obtain a child-related employment screening clearance before undertaking their Professional Experience.  This is a requirement of the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD), in agreement with the Catholic Education and Independent Schools Boards.  Instructions for pre-service teachers in the School of Education.

University of Adelaide

Criminal History Screening requirements:   All Adelaide University students who, as part of their program, undertake activities such as internships or research projects involving children or adults who are ill, elderly or vulnerable, must demonstrate that they have an Australian criminal history clearance which will be current for the duration of that activity.  All students must have clearance by 31 March of the university year.

Clinical Placements:    All commencing students in Medicine, Dentistry, Oral Health and Nursing will be required to demonstrate a satisfactory criminal history clearance.  Students must ensure the criminal history clearance will be valid within 3 years for the duration of the placement (for example, the three years should not finish during the placement).  Information on specific requirements for individual clinical placements will be provided by the placement coordinator.

It is your responsibility as a student to acquire your Criminal History Clearance and take it with you to all clinical placements. You should obtain your clearance certificate as soon as possible upon commencing the first year of your program.

For information about screening requirements go to the University of Adelaide website

University of South Australia


Department of Education and Development (DECD)

You must have a relevant history screening before commencing employment for the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD). Some volunteers also require screening.  This screening must be updated every 3 years.

Go to our page government organisations or the DECD website:  Apply for a relevant history screening - working in education for more information.

Students:  Go to our page Information for school students

Child-safe environments:   Creating child-safe environments (Families SA website)

Screening of Teachers

School teachers are screened through the Teachers Registration Board (TRB) of South Australia.

Screening by the Teachers Registration Board differs from a DCSI child-related employment screening check, in that a DCSI check considers relatively less child protection information (released from Families SA), while a Teachers Registration Board check does not include the consideration of the expanded inter-jurisdictional criminal information available to the DCSI Screening Unit.

Teachers who are Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) employees, should receive notice from DECD notifying them of an expiring screening clearance at intervals of six, three and one month/s prior to expiration.

Teachers Registration Board

For more information and resources in relation to teachers registration, go to the Teachers Registration Board website at