About DCSI Screening


Screening by the DCSI Screening Unit is a risk assessment that can assist organisations to make informed decisions about their workforce and volunteers, as part of their responsibilities to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm.

The Unit conducts five types of screening check.

Assessments by the DCSI Screening Unit are conducted in accordance with the principles of Natural Justice and Procedural Fairness recognised in common law, which require fair, accessible, transparent and equitable decision-making processes.  More information.

The Screening Unit does not make the final determination as to whether or not a person is suitable for employment or volunteer work. This decision is made by the organisation engaging the applicant. Policies which require people to undergo screening are not set by the DCSI Screening Unit.   It is important that employers and organisations engaging volunteers are aware of their legislative, regulatory and/or contractual obligations in relation to the screening of their employees and volunteers.

Confidentiality requirements apply, and it is therefore strongly recommended that all authorised officers in requesting organisations read the Confidentiality Guidelines for Authorised Officers (PDF 215.5 KB).

What happens if risk is detected?

The Authorised Officer in the organisation will be notified if the Screening Unit determines that a person poses an unacceptable level of risk and is subsequently not provided with a clearance.

In the event that some (but not an unacceptable) level risk of harm to children or vulnerable people is detected, the Manager or Principal Assessment Officer from the Screening Unit may engage the Authorising Officer at the nominated employment or volunteer organisation to finalise their determination.

How will I know the result?

Requesting organisations will be advised by email as soon as possible after an applicant is cleared for engagement.  More information about the screening process

Registering for online screening

Organisations are required to register with the Screening Unit before they can submit screening applications online. More information about organisation registration