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The DCSI Screening Unit processed over 104,000 screening applications during the 2015-16 financial year. Around 98% of these were completed within 30 days from the date of receipt, up from around 80% the previous year.

A key contributing factor is that the new online application system, introduced in July 2015, enables applications to be processed more rapidly than paper applications.

Time taken to finalise applications by financial year

Processing times over 3 financial years

2015-2016 Screening processing time (from date application received)

2015-16 processing times

Completed applications 2015-16


The DCSI Screening Unit screened over 130,000 people wanting to work or volunteer with children or vulnerable people during 2014-15.  The number of people requiring screening has significantly increased in recent years due to policy changes as a result of the Debelle Royal Commission and Enquiries.

Despite unprecedented demand, 80% of applications were processed within 30 business days.  

Ability to apply online

The DCSI Screening Unit has responded to increased demand by introducing, in mid-2015, an online application system which makes the application process easier for applicants.  Already more than 700 organisations have registered to use the online service.

For information about online screening please go to 'how to apply'.

Future developments/directions

The DCSI Screening Unit will be moving to a continuous monitoring system in mid 2017, which will allow for the ongoing monitoring of an applicant's relevant history information.

Currently, screening clearances are updated every three years and only provide a snapshot of a person's record at the time of screening.

The new system will continually monitor records, including relevant criminal history records, to more quickly detect offences and update a person's clearance status accordingly.

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