Screening checks are now monitored 

12 Sep 2017

The DCSI Screening Unit now monitors new information that may change the clearance status of individuals.

Why the change?

The new screening system, which was introduced from 1 July 2017, will help to reduce the risk of harm to children and vulnerable people.

Previously, screening reviewed and assessed an individual’s relevant history only once every three years. The new system will monitor relevant information from a variety of sources to help better protect children and vulnerable people.

This new information will be used by the DCSI Screening Unit to reassess screening clearances and ensure they are current.

More information

Screening fees from 1 July 2017 - 03 Jul 2017

The State Government annually reviews fees for services provided by its agencies.

The fees for DCSI screening checks changed from 1 July 2017 as follows.

GST – all fees are inclusive of the Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Currency – all fees are shown in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Employee/Contractor:  includes permanent, temporary and casual staff,  as well as any external service providers commissioned to carry out work  as a contractor/subcontractor to the agency.

Student:  means a secondary/tertiary education pupil on an official placement connected to his or her studies.

Volunteer: means a person who performs tasks for the relevant agency, without monetary reward or other remuneration.

Ensure your Internet Browser is compatible by 22 July 2017 - 23 Jun 2017

Important information:

As of 22 July 2017, all applicants needing to complete a screening application online will need to ensure that their internet browsers are compatible with TLS 1.1 (encryption protocol) or above.

Further information on Browser Compatibility (PDF 95.8 KB) for TLS.

How to identify what internet browser version you are running
(PDF 207.2 KB)

What is TLS?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol that provides communications security over a computer network, i.e. it provides privacy and data integrity between two communicating applications.

Lodgement of forms at Service SA centres - 23 Jun 2017

Screening applications lodgement at Service SA Centres

Commencing 30 January 2017

This new arrangement:

  • applies to applicants in 'exceptional circumstances' only
  • replaces Australia Post services of this kind

More information (PDF 489.1 KB)

Paper forms phase out by 1 December 2016. - 26 Oct 2016

Phasing out of paper applications for screening by 1 December 2016

 Paper forms no longer accepted after 1 December 2016

As of 1 December 2016 all applications are to be submitted using the Screening Unit's online screening application system.  Except for applicants for whom exceptional circumstances status has been confirmed by the DCSI Screening Unit, any paper forms received after Thursday 1 December 2016 will not be processed.

Government agencies must submit all applications online (except for applicants for whom exceptional circumstances status has been confirmed by the DCSI Screening Unit).

Exceptional Circumstances:  In some circumstances it may not be possible to use the online system to apply for screening, for example, if the organisation or applicant does not have access to the internet, if the applicant is a recent arrival (i.e. has lived in Australia for 6 weeks or less) or is a legal minor. 
To request permission to submit a paper form in these circumstances, please email the Screening Unit at or telephone 1300 321 592Please do not send in paper applications after 1 December 2016 without the prior consent of the DCSI Screening Unit.

Please note that paper applications may require more processing time than applications submitted online.

Working with Children checks 

24 Aug 2016

News Release:  Tuesday 23 August 2016

Measures to improve checks on people working with children

Continuous monitoring 

23 Aug 2016

The DCSI Screening Unit will be moving to a continuous monitoring system in mid 2017.

The new system will enable ongoing monitoring of an applicant's relevant history information.  By linking the DCSI Screening Unit with the South Australian Police and other databases, this streamlined system will enable automatic searches for information about any offences that are relevant to an applicant's clearance status.

This will help to identify people who have received a screening clearance to work with children and/or other vulnerable people, but who later commit an offence or offences.

Currently, screening clearances are updated every three years, and only provide a snapshot of a person's record at the time of screening at a 'point in time'.  With the new system, an individual's clearance will be able to be withdrawn if appropriate.


Website refresh 

08 Aug 2016

The Screening Unit website content has now been refreshed and updated.

The new structure is designed make it easier for users to navigate through and find the information they are looking for, with new menus and information focussed around our customer's needs.  The changes also reflect the recent move to online screening applications.

Your comments and feedback are welcome --- email the Policy and Strategy team in the DCSI Screening Unit

Hand on mouse

Apply for screening online 

06 Oct 2015

The DCSI Screening Unit has responded to increased demand by introducing, in mid-2015, an online application system which makes the application process easier for applicants. Already more than 1700 organisations have registered to use the online service.

Organisations that have not yet registered for online screening are encouraged to do so as soon as possible.

For information about online screening please go to 'how to apply'.