How to pay - organisations

Payment FAQs for organisations

Can the organisation pay by credit card? Payments may be made online (if applying for screening online) using a Visa or MasterCard (using BPOINT) or by invoice (provided that the organisation is a current DCSI account customer).  BPOINT is free to use.

Will a receipt be provided? A printable receipt with a reference number will be available when a payment has been confirmed online.

How does the organisation arrange to pay online? The organisation must first register for online screening with the DCSI Screening Unit and nominate a Finance Officer who is responsible for paying for screening applications.

A Finance Officer must be nominated before the organisation can make payments online or receive invoices.

How does my organisation pay online?

When starting a new screening application using the online form, the Requesting Officer in the organisation simply selects from the drop-down payment options to indicate who is responsible for paying (i.e. whether the applicant or the organisation is to pay).

Once an application has been submitted online, the relevant payment details will appear in the organisation's online portal under the 'Payment History' menu item.

Need more information? See How to pay for an application (organisation) (PDF 426.1 KB).

Payment if submitting a hard copy application form

Hard copy forms can only be submitted where exceptional circumstances apply. On all hard copy application forms submitted, the Requesting Officer within the organisation must sign the front page where indicated, to confirm that the organisation is paying.

Invoicing arrangements

Organisations which screen in excess of 100 applicants annually may apply to set up invoicing arrangements with the Screening Unit.  Payment is required within 30 days and conditions apply.

Requests to set up invoicing arrangements should be sent to the Screening Unit via email to

Payment by Government agencies

Government agencies (with the exception of business units that manage their own budgets, such as individual schools) will receive invoices for screening.

Government schools and preschools

Screening fees for employees and volunteers who work within government schools, preschools, child centres and other non-corporate entities under the auspices of the South Australia Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) are invoiced to DECD.  DECD Corporate receives monthly invoices for payment on behalf of all DECD sites that have submitted a DCSI screening application.

When initiating screening applications using the online screening system, the Requesting Officer at the individual DECD site should select the relevant payment option where prompted (ie payment via invoicing to DECD).

For more information about school and preschool payment process queries, contact the Department for Education and Child Development:

Reimbursement of fees on cancellation of an application

Unfortunately, the DCSI Screening Unit is unable to reimburse fees for screening, once processing by the Screening Unit has commenced, should you wish to cancel an application.  Cancelled applications will still incur a fee.