Screening Fees and Charges

As of 1 July 2017 the fees and charges for DCSI screening checks are as follows:

Paid employees:

Child-related employment and disability services employment screening:

  • $96.00 (GST exclusive)
  • $105.60 (GST inclusive)

All other types of screening for employees:

  • $80.00 (GST exclusive)
  • $88.00 (GST inclusive)

Volunteers and students on placement (for all types of screening):

  • $53.00 (GST exclusive)
  • $58.30 (GST inclusive)


If more than one type of screening is required

EMPLOYEES:  Where more than one type of screening is required for employees, a charge applies for each separate screening type.

VOLUNTEERS/STUDENTS: The screening of volunteers and students on placement attracts a discounted single fee, which covers any type of screening and any number of concurrent checks (as long as the applications are submitted together).