Why and how are screening clearances monitored?

The DCSI Screening Unit will monitor new information from 1 July 2017 that may change the clearance status of individuals.

Monitoring of screening information has been introduced to help reduce the risk of harm to children and vulnerable people.

Under the former screening system, checks provided a three-year ‘snapshot’ of a person’s relevant history.  The new system will monitor information to help better protect children and vulnerable people.

What type of new information will the Screening Unit receive?

The Screening Unit will receive new information on criminal charges and court outcomes from SA Police (SAPOL), child protection notifications from the Department for Child Protection (DCP) and information on care concerns and incidents from DCP and the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

All information that is monitored is relevant to the status of a screening clearance.

Whose information is monitored?

Only people who have a current, valid child-related, disability, aged or vulnerable persons clearance issued by the DCSI Screening Unit will have their clearance status monitored. Monitoring applies to all persons with these types of clearances, both employees and volunteers.

DCSI general probity clearances are not included in monitoring, as these clearances are role-specific, once-off and non-transferable between roles and organisations.

How does monitoring work?

SAPOL, DCP and DCSI will notify the Screening Unit of information that may be relevant to an individual’s clearance status on a regular basis.  The Screening Unit will assess this information to determine if a change to a person’s clearance status is required.

If the information does not change the status of a screening clearance, then the Screening Unit will record the information and take no further action.

What happens if my clearance status changes?

If a reassessment changes your clearance status:

  • you and your employer (that requested the screening) will be notified;
  • you are required to notify the organisations that you work or volunteer with;
  • you will be required to return your clearance letter to the DCSI Screening Unit;
  • your screening clearance status will be updated in the DCSI online screening register.

Who does the Screening Unit notify if my clearance status changes?  

The Screening Unit will send a notification to you, and to the organisation that requested your screening clearance. If a reassessment changes your clearance status the notice will be sent to the organisation’s Authorised Officer.

Will an organisation be notified if they did not request an employee’s clearance?

Only organisations that requested a screening clearance for that employee will be notified if that employee's clearance status changes.

If an organisation did not request a screening clearance for the employee, as that employee already held a current valid clearance, that organisation will not be notified.

What if I don’t agree with a reassessment?

If you so not agree with the result of a reassessment you may apply for an internal review of the decision.

When conducting an internal review, the Screening Unit will reassess the same information collected for your initial assessment - taking into account any new or additional information you provide. The Screening Unit accepts applications to review its decision when there is a substantive reason for doing so.  More information about the review process.

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