Who sees my criminal history information?

The following organisations may have access to your relevant criminal history check result obtained by the DCSI Screening Unit:

  • authorised staff of the DCSI Screening Unit who assess the screening application;
  • the Authorised Officer within the requesting organisation (your employer/volunteer organisation);
  • a third party organisation (only with the applicant's explicit consent or as required by relevant legislation).

All criminal history information provided to the Screening Unit by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is destroyed within three (3) months following the completion of the assessment.

All information provided in your application, and any further information received by the Screening Unit, will be treated confidentially and with the utmost regard to individual privacy.
The information will not be used without your prior consent for any purpose other than as set out in the Informed Consent section of the application form, or unless required by law. All information received as a part of the assessment process is stored securely in the Screening Unit.