What is a 'name match'?


A 'name match' may occur in the initial stages of a screening assessment, when the applicant's name and other details are checked against a national database by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to determine whether the applicant has a relevant criminal history. 

Names searched: A search is conducted against the database using the applicant's given names, middle name/s and any previous names and aliases. 

Other databases searched:  Searches are also conducted against one or more other databases accessed by the Screening Unit such as South Australian Government databases, during some types of screening (e.g. child-related employment screening).

Apparent name matches: Where the applicant's name appears to match the names in one or more of the searched databases to find any relevant records, this is referred to as a 'name match'.

Ruling in or out a name match:   As there may be more than one person with the same, or similar, names, any name matches at this stage need further checking.  This is done using any additional details that are available which relate to the applicant, such as their current or previous addresses or date of birth, to confirm or rule out the apparent match.  In the vast majority of cases name matches are ruled out based on this additional information.  More information

Screening turnaround times and name matches:  Where there is a relevant criminal history for the applicant, or there is a name match against other databases accessed by the Screening Unit, the screening assessment process will typically take longer than if this does not occur.  What is the turnaround time for screening applications?