Can I submit an application independent of an employer?


The details of your employer or a prospective employer need to be provided when applying for screening by the DCSI Screening Unit. This is because screening is an employer-driven process, related to the duty of care organisations have to provide safe environments for vulnerable people, such as children and people with disability.

Screening is a risk assessment conducted on behalf of the employer or prospective employer for the purposes of determining your suitability for the job or volunteer role in which you are (or expect to be) working.  The employer acts as the "requesting organisation", for the purposes of your application. 

An exception is if you are a sole trader and have an ABN (Australian Business Number), in which case you act as both the applicant and requesting officer when submitting your screening application.

What if I don't yet have an employer?  If you are applying for work, and therefore cannot yet provide the details of an employer in your application, you can in the following circumstances nominate a representative to act as your requesting organisation:

  • If you are a university student: University students (with the agreement of the university concerned) may be able to nominate their university as the requesting organisation.
  • Recruitment agency staff:  Applicants may request the permission of their recruitment agency to nominate the agency as the requesting organisation.


Unless the exceptions above apply to you, it is recommended that you wait to apply for your screening until required to do so by an employer or potential employer.