How long does it take?


Our aim is to process the majority of screening applications with 30 business days.

However, the time taken in each case will depend on the relevance, complexity and amount of any relevant background information identified during the screening process which pertains to an applicant.  This includes any relevant criminal history information and information from courts, police agencies or other sources

If no risk is identified that requires further assessment, the turnaround time to obtain a clearance should be approximately 30 business days.

If the applicant's name registers as a match in any of the databases assessed by the Screening Unit, additional time may be required to process the application.

Where a criminal history report indicates that there is a relevant criminal history for the applicant, or there is a match of their name against government records, the process will typically take longer than if this does not occur. In this case, an application may take more than 8 weeks to process, depending on the relevance, complexity, and amount of information to be assessed. 

A number of other factors may affect the amount time taken to complete a screening application, including:

  • the time of year (January-April is usually the busiest time of year for the Screening Unit);
  • the length of time taken to obtain relevant information from other agencies across Australia, including confirmation or ruling out by police agencies of any database 'matches' against the applicant's name.

A screening can be initiated up to 6 months prior to the expiry of the application.  We recommend you allow as much time as possible (within this period) for the screening check to be completed.

You can help make sure the screening check is processed as quickly as possible by providing complete and accurate personal information and role-related information in the application.

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