How is an assessment conducted?


All matters are assessed in accordance with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.  More information.

Information obtained about an applicant is assessed on a case by case basis in accordance with relevant legislation.  Where the information obtained suggests that there are matters of concern that could impact on the screening outcome, applicants will be provided with an opportunity to provide further information regarding the nature and circumstances of these concerns, such as the circumstances in which any relevant offending occurred.  

Applicants may provide additional documentation such as referee or medical reports in support of their application. Where permissible, and with the applicant's consent, additional information regarding specific criminal offences may also be sought from the applicant, police, prosecuting authorities or courts to ensure an objective and informed assessment can be made.  

Assessments are conducted by trained and experienced staff in strict confidence and in accordance with legislative requirements and standards.  Screening Unit staff may deal directly with applicants and requesting organisations to clarify and/or confirm details when required.

Where appropriate, the Screening Unit will consult with the Authorised Officer in the requesting organisation before any final recommendation is made in relation to a screening outcome. The final decision as to whether or not an applicant is suitable to be engaged in paid or volunteer work rests with the employer or volunteer organisation, and not with the Screening Unit.

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