Can I appeal a decision?

Yes.  If you believe that due process was not followed in an assessment decision made by the DCSI Screening Unit, you can apply to have that decision reviewed by the Unit.  This looks at the information collected for your initial assessment, and any new or additional information you provide with your application for review.  The Screening Unit will not accept review applications without a substantive reason being provided for doing so by the applicant.

Substantive reasons for a request for a review may include, but are not limited to:

  • You can provide new or additional information to the Screening Unit that might affect the outcome of the assessment;
  • You believe that information provided by you as part of your initial assessment was not fully or properly taken into account;
  • You can demonstrate that information was considered as part of your initial assessment which the Screening Unit was not permitted to access or incorporate in your assessment; and/or
  • You believe that irrelevant information was considered by the Screening Unit as part of your initial assessment.

To apply for an internal review, please contact the Screening Unit:


Please note: For contractual and confidentiality reasons, the Screening Unit does not retain a person's National Criminal History Record Check (NCHRC) for more than three (3) months after the finalisation of an assessment.  If your application for internal review is lodged more than three months after your initial application was received, the Screening Unit may contact you seeking your consent to obtain another copy of your NCHRC, which may incur an additional fee. This will also ensure that your check is as up-to-date as possible.

Further avenues of appeal

If, following the completion of an internal review, you are dissatisfied with the determination, you may have your application reviewed externally.  Government bodies that might be able to assist you include the Ombudsman and the Human Rights Commission.

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