Why register for online screening?

Your organisation must register with the DCSI Screening Unit in order to be able to apply online for screening.  Registering with us makes it potentially faster and easier to apply for employee and volunteer screening, as you will no longer be required to fill out and send in a hard copy application form.

As of 1 December 2016 all screening applications must be submitted online (except where exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated). 

Register your organisation 

Since it was introduced in July 2015, the option to apply online has resulted in significant improvements in customer satisfaction, reduced screening timelines, and minimised data entry errors related to the processing of screening assessments.

Once registered for online screening you will be able to access an online portal and see the progress of each application commenced by your organisation.  The applicant will be notified once you have initiated their application, and will then be able to log in and, in most cases, fully complete their application online.

Your organisation will also receive emails from the Screening Unit regarding the progress of each application.