Who can verify my identity?

Applicants for screening must provide documentation to satisfy the requirements of a 100 point identification check.

Online verification:  When applying for screening online, there is an option to have the applicant's identity verified online using the Australian Government's Document Verification Service.

If, however, you are unable to use the online verification service, you can have your identity verified by showing your identity documentation to a person who meets certain criteria. The verifier must sign the form and provide their details in the relevant section of the form.

People who can verify the applicant's identity, using the 100 point check method, include:

  • a Justice of the Peace;
  • a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits (eg a solicitor, barrister or proclaimed police officer).

For information about the categories of people who can verify the applicant's identity, refer to our permitted verifiers list.

Your identification must be verified by an appropriate person, who is NOT a close relative.

For more information about the identity verification process, please go to our Identity Check web page.

What if I don't have enough suitable documentation?


People living in remote or isolated areas, or those who do not have access to documents such as a passport or driver's licence, may be able to have their identity verified with an alternative method, under special provisions.

Special provisions apply for the following categories of applicant, in which case the following documentation is acceptable for the purpose of identity verification:

  • ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER residents of remote or isolated locations: There is an added option of TWO letters of verification provided by community leaders (individuals recognised as leaders of the community to which the applicant belongs). Each verification scores 50 points.
  • IMMIGRANT OR FOREIGN VISITORS (persons who have been in Australia for 6 weeks or less): proof of arrival date and current passport is acceptable.
  • Applicants UNDER 18 years of age: One Category A Document or a statement from an educational institution, signed by the Principal or Deputy Principal, confirming that the child attends the institution (Note: statement MUST be on the institution's letterhead) is acceptable.

For further information, email the DCSI Screening Unit at DCSIScreeningUnit@sa.gov.au.