Application status enquiries

Enquiries about the progress of an application

Please note: The Screening Unit receives a large volume of applications per week and processes them in order of receipt, therefore requests to fast track or escalate a screening application can not be accommodated.  Similarly, requests to cancel an application once received by the Screening Unit cannot be accommodated. Applications that are withdrawn will still incur fees.


  • Telephone: Due to confidentiality requirements, the Screening Unit will conduct an identification check before discussing an application over the telephone.
  • Email:  In some instances, you may be required to submit a query relating to your application via an email, which should be sent to and should:
    • clearly outline your enquiry
    • include your full name
    • include your date of birth
    • include your current residential address


  • Telephone: Due to confidentiality requirements the Screening Unit is unable to discuss specific details regarding an application with employers.
  • Email:  Email enquiries about the progress of an application should be directed to and should:
    • clearly outline your enquiry
    • include the applicant's full name
    • include the applicant's date of birth
    • include the reference number from the acknowledgement email.

Invoicing Queries

Screening invoice queries should be directed to