Authorisation to act as a Screening Unit

The DCSI Screening Unit is authorised to conduct child-related employment screening pursuant to Regulation 6(1)(b) of the Children's Protection Regulations 2010.

The Screening Unit is also authorised to conduct the following types of screening pursuant to Regulation 12(2):

  • vulnerable person-related employment screening
  • aged care sector employment screening, and
  • general employment probity screening


The Unit is authorised under the Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History Regulations 2014) to conduct disability services employment screening as per the Disability Services Act 1993.

National Criminal History Record Checks

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission's National Police Checking Service (NPCS) provides controlled access to disclosable police history information from all Australian police agencies. 

This National Police Checking Service provides accredited agencies and police services with national criminal history information to support their processes of assessing people's suitability for employment or appointment to positions of trust.  DCSI is an accredited agency and accesses this information for screening purposes.

Agreement for exchange of expanded criminal history information 

Child-related screening by the DCSI Screening Unit is conducted in accordance with certain obligations under the Council of Australian Governments' Intergovernmental Agreement for the Exchange of Criminal History Information for People Working with Children (ECHIPWC).